Privacy Policy

This document covers the obligations and liabilities that are associated with the acquisition and/or use of personal information, as well as how such information may be collected and used (or not utilised) on this website. These conditions apply just to this website and the material offered on it; they do not extend to other websites, even if they are linked to, or to any third parties that could be malevolent.

It is our promise to end users that we will run this website in an honest and ethical manner, devoting the necessary amount of time, effort, and attention to the safeguarding of both users and any information that may be submitted.


If a user willingly provides us with their personal information, including their name, address, and other contact information, we will collect and store such information. The information that was supplied will only be used to carry out the particular instructions that you have given, and it will not be put to any other use unless specifically authorised to do so by the person who submitted the information.


On our website, we could link to or show material that was produced by a third party. In the event that a user clicks on one of these links, they will be sent to a new website, which is not subject to the same privacy policies as this one. Only the content that is currently hosted on this website is subject to this policy and these conditions.

Cookies and tracking technology go hand in hand.

Cookies and other browser tracking technologies may be utilised on this website in order to improve the quality of the user experience as a whole. With this information, we are able to continue to adjust the site so that it is compatible with the browsers, operating systems, and frequency of visits used by end users. It is not possible to obtain personally identifiable information using these techniques unless the end user voluntarily provides it. It’s possible that we’ll share the aggregated cookie and tracking information with other parties.

What exactly are cookies?

When you visit a website, a little text file known as a “cookie” is downloaded to your personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone and kept there.
When you shut your browser, certain cookies are removed from your computer. These are what are referred to as “session cookies.” The others will remain on your device until either they have reached their expiration date or you have removed them from your cache. These are the kind of cookies referred to as “permanent cookies,” and they make it possible for us to remember information about you as a repeat visitor. Visit the website to learn more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been placed, how to manage them, and how to delete them if you no longer want them. You also have the option of conducting a search on the internet to get more information that is not affiliated with cookies.

How we utilise cookies

Cookies, and occasionally other technologies that are somewhat comparable, are used on this site to:

  • Analyze how you use our website and keep track of your activity there so that we can make your browsing experience better.
  • Keep track of your preferences so that we can make your visit more memorable.
  • You may make our website more personalised by displaying information that is relevant to you.
  • Please assist us in making our website more user-friendly.


If we are compelled by law to disclose your personal information to a government agency or another company, or if they are supporting us in the prevention of fraud or investigation of fraud, then we may share your information with such parties. This information is never provided to other businesses for the purpose of marketing by those other businesses.


End users are under no need to give us with any personal information; nevertheless, if they do so freely, we are obligated to make every effort to protect the confidentiality of such information. Only authorised employees, agents, and contractors will ever have access to such information. These individuals are required to make every effort to preserve the data’s security and integrity, and they are the only ones who will ever have access to it.


We retain the right to make modifications to this document as well as these conditions at any time without providing prior notification to end users; however, we will make sure to emphasise any changes that are made on this page.