How to Prepare a Prosperous Horse Training Method

“A goal with out a plan is just a wish” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Whichever horse coaching method or technique you intend to use, having a crystal clear eyesight of what you are striving to accomplish, or what hurdles you could need to have to conquer, can established you up for results!

Acquiring clarity and target on your outcomes through the preliminary evaluation and planning stage of your training program will pay out dividends. Jumping headlong into any horse schooling system without good preparing will only guide to resentment & annoyance for you and your horse.

Pursuing these 4 steps will assistance you determine if you have a excellent chance of accomplishment

Phase 1

Make absolutely sure you have Clear and Specific aims for what you want to accomplish with your horse…

  • “I want to hack out safely and securely on my personal or in business”
  • “I would like to compete at a regional display and jump a 2’9″ training course/total a beginner dressage exam/journey a 2’6″ cross-place system/…”
  • “I want my horse to behave when staying groomed/led/mounted/shod/…”

Action 2 Evaluate your horse – be sensible in what you anticipate you horse to achieve from a programme of training…

  • Temperament: Is your horse’s temperament tranquil or excitable, stubborn or stroppy, or just unpredictable!
  • Education and learning: Has your horse the amount of training to reach what you need?
  • Health and fitness: Is your horse up to the degree of health to be ready to do what you demand?

Action 3 Assess oneself – recognise your strengths and weaknesses and deal with your personal expectations…

  • Temperament: Are you tranquil or excitable, nervous or confident, laid-back or impatient?
  • Instruction: Do you have the know-how and encounter to train and coach your horse to the amount you want to attain?
  • Physical fitness: Are you bodily suit sufficient to be able to train your horse or trip/contend to the amount you want to achieve?

Move 4 Approach your schooling – arranging your training application in advance will make certain a increased opportunity of good results…

  • Prepare your education in phases that are achievable, measurable – and most of all, pleasing!
  • The development of your training programme will be ruled by the extent of your awareness, the capability of your horse to learn and the total of time offered to you

Do not assume your horse or yourself to graduate from Nursery on a Monday to University on a Friday!

“Arranging is what you do before you do a thing, so that when you do it, it is not all combined up” ~ A.A. Milne

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