Freelancing Job Opportunities – Step by Step Guidance


Do you want to take your income into your own hands and start your new career as a freelancer without leaving home! You need not to attend an office in Pakistan. These are home based jobs in Pakistan and anyone having computer and knowledge of internet can get outsourcing jobs worldwide and in Pakistan. You can start this self-employment in Pakistan very easily.

Take small jobs to get yourself started. There are number of websites providing work at home jobs. I started with Elance, a site where companies want your services and you, the provider, place a “bid” with your proposal. There are hundreds of potential clients. With a little patience, and motivation you can use Elance as an amazing source of earnings to help your self-employed career.

How to sign up for an account

Follow these steps to get started.

  • First, go to Elance website, and navigate the site to get yourself informed about the concept of doing work there.
  • A wide variety of freelancing opportunities such as writing and translation, web design, sales and marketing, programming and many more are offered.
  • There is some excellent information available about this work and all you are to do is to visit the link Elance University and read some of the material there.
  • Once you familiarize with the site you can sign up for a free membership.
  • It is advisable to read again and again the whole criteria of the work so that you become expert of it.
  • There are two types of membership namely free membership and paid membership.
  • With a free membership you are limited to submit your bid for a job. Paid member can submit unlimited bid for unlimited jobs.
  • It is advisable to use free membership to start your work; letter on paid membership can be taken once one familiarized with the procedure.
  • When you are going to bid for a job, be sure to take as much time as one take to prepare for a job interview.

Time to start working

After Signing up for an account and read again and again all the matters that available in Elance University, Now it is time to start working as Freelancer.

After get yourself registered with Elance, follow the following instruction to start making money.

  • Log in to your Elance account, on the page that open, there are two links near Elance logo i.e. GET SERVICES and PROVIDE SERVICES. Provide services tab belongs to you as you are to get the work done for the companies.
  • Click the Provide Services tab, there you will find Phrase “Find Jobs”.
  • Click the Find Jobs Tab, you will find lot of categories for work. Select your field of interest and find the details of jobs available.
  • You can also use the search box using your keyword like typing jobs etc; this will retrieve a list of all jobs that use that term in their title or description.
  • Select an individual job title to see its description. There you will find the page which is very important because it includes all the information about the job including nature of job under the tag of Job Description, Job Details, and Bid Placed. On the right hand of this page, there is a column under the heading of Submit Your Proposal, where you can submit your bid for the job.
  • You can add the job to the watch list by using the “Add to watch list” button at the top of the job description.

Websites which Provide Self-employment Opportunities can easily be find by Googling the term “free lancing job” or “work at home jobs”


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