Cocaine Couriers, Pito and a Gorgeous Lady


Kwame Mainu from Warwick College in England experienced appear to Kumasi College in Ghana in 1996 to aid run a limited system on computing for small enterprises. The backlink between the two universities experienced been plagued by a Kumasi-centered medication cartel getting advantage of Ghanaian academics traveling to the United kingdom to recruit couriers. Kwame hoped that with help from his estranged spouse, Comfort, however residing in Kumasi, the cartel’s functions had stopped, but they feared a revival. Suspicions were being aroused when an company called Sika Ye Na (Income is Scarce) applied to attend the limited class. Sika Ye Na was known to have contacts with Hanabis, the Lebanese organization powering the drugs cartel. So an undercover agent, Tam Gordon, experienced been sent from Britain, posing as a member of Kwame’s staff.

Tam was an outdated Ghana hand and spoke the local dialect, Twi. He was satisfied to accompany Kwame to Comfort’s house and enjoy Ghanaian food stuff and consume. They required to inquire Consolation if she understood something about Cecilia Obeng-Mensah, the proprietor of Sika Ye Na Company. Ease and comfort welcomed her people and asked what she could do for them, and Tam’s 1st request was for a glass of Grunshie pito, a beer brewed in Navrongo in the Higher East Region in the significantly north of Ghana.

Consolation returned with Tam’s glass loaded to the brim and laughed as he struggled to decreased the stage without having resulting in a spill. ‘What reaches on two?’ she questioned in Twi. ‘Secondly, we want to request you if you know a lady termed Cecilia Obeng-Mensah?’
‘Cessie!’ cried Comfort, ‘I’ve identified her for a long time.’
‘Is she linked to the Lebanese?’ Kwame questioned.
‘She was Suleiman Hannah’s girlfriend for several several years she even hints the affair is not above. She’s quite gorgeous.’
‘What does she do?’ questioned Tam.
‘She has her personal small business, I imagine.’
‘What type of business?’
‘I’m not absolutely sure, I in no way asked her – she’s not in sneakers.’

For the up coming half hour the disposal of the fufu dinner took priority. It was when they ended up sitting down and digesting with suitably stimulating beverages that Comfort’s curiosity could no for a longer period be constrained and she asked, ‘What has Cessie done to excite so a great deal fascination?’
‘She utilized to arrive on our instruction course,’ Kwame reported.
‘But she’s not an engineer as far as I know.’
‘No this training course is on computerised accounting and work costing.’
‘So she’s on your training course – she will have to be popular with the adult men!’
‘No, she failed to sign up on Sunday with the other folks and we haven’t seen her due to the fact.’

‘Do you happen to know what Cecilia’s father does?’ Tam asked Ease and comfort. ‘Yes, he’s a pastor,’ she replied, ‘We utilised to joke about a pastor’s daughter being a Muslim man’s mistress.’
‘Is the father with the Pentecostal church?’
‘Yes, I believe so Afriyie explained to me she experienced fulfilled him the moment in Coventry.’
‘Then it looks as if all our speculations are proper,’ mentioned Tam, using one more very long pull on his beloved pito.


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