Branch Accounting – Being familiar with the Essentials


Branching Out

When an enterprise, no matter whether for revenue or non-earnings, grows or strategizes expansion, it usually opens additional areas. Banking companies, coffee outlets, supermarkets, section shops, eating places, natural beauty salons, airlines, and even federal government offices may perhaps operate in far more than one area, domestic or overseas, to cater to the needs of their customers or clientele.

These types of more areas could possibly be in the variety of an agency or a branch.

Department or Company?

Based on its goals, the company may well undertake the variety of either a branch or an agency. The two are component of a central corporation and while they perform operations absent from their residence business office, they are not a separate authorized entity from the latter.

The crucial difference amongst the two lies in their diploma of autonomy or independence. For instance, a profits agency commonly does not inventory inventory, but only shows items, takes orders and arranges for delivery of the products. In other words, the company merely functions on behalf of the property business office (H.O.), with the latter handling the other facets of functions this sort of as order of products, promotion, and granting of credit.

The branch, nonetheless, has a higher diploma of autonomy and so operates a lot more independently of the house place of work than the company, mostly in the following facets:

  • Provision of a broader selection of products and services to customers or clientele
  • Physical exercise of higher management selection-building
  • Dealing with of far more factors of small business functions, such as stocking of stock, filling of customers’ orders, credit and assortment
  • Maintenance of a separate accounting method

Individual Branch Accounting Program

Reflecting this greater diploma of autonomy, the branch ordinarily maintains its individual different accounting procedure, although the company does not. In truth, it is the dwelling workplace which documents all agency transactions in the former’s accounting procedure.

This kind of routine maintenance of different accounting information by the department and the home place of work facilitates a lot more helpful manage in excess of operations and permits prime administration to better assess branch effectiveness and make strategic organization selections for the organization.

Accounting for Branch Operations

The accounting transactions recorded by the branch are typically of the next styles:

  • Exterior transactions or transactions with events external to the enterprise as a legal entity (e.g. consumers, suppliers, collectors, utility businesses)
  • Inside transactions

    • within the department
    • with other branches of the business
    • with home office environment

The recording by the department of its external transactions and those people which by mother nature have an affect on only the department (i.e. internal transactions inside the department) is completed employing the standard accounts and journal entries. Having said that, in recording the branch’s transactions with the H.O., specific intra-enterprise accounts will have to be designed and applied. Likewise, inter-department transactions or transactions of the department with an additional department are typically coursed or cleared by the H.O. applying intra-enterprise accounts.

At the finish of the accounting period of time, the department prepares its individual economic statements dependent on the balances of its accounts, but only for inner reporting functions. These department fiscal statements nevertheless have to be blended with people of the H.O. for exterior reporting reasons, in these kinds of a way that the ensuing studies reflect the economical affliction and success of functions of the business as a one entity.

Intra-organization Accounts

At the time of the institution of the branch, the pursuing typical intra-firm accounts are established in the books of accounts or information of the department and residence business:

  • Branch Guides of Accounts

    • “Property Workplace” account

  • Household Office Publications of Accounts

    • “Expenditure in Branch” account (1 account for just about every branch)

The intra-business accounts “Home Office” and “Financial commitment in Branch” are reciprocal accounts, which means they are inversely associated to or opposite every other. The “Property Business” account has a regular credit equilibrium, although the “Investment decision in Branch” account has a regular debit equilibrium. No matter what approved transaction is recorded in 1 account really should also be recorded in the other account. Delivered all transactions are recorded, both equally accounts ought to have the identical or equivalent balance.

The “Home Office” account seems in the equity portion of the department stability sheet, although the “Expense in Department” account is revealed in the asset segment of the H.O. balance sheet. Even so, in the planning of the fiscal statements of the firm as a entire, these intra-firm accounts are eradicated due to the fact they pertain to internal routines which do not problem the external buyers of the reports.

Common Intra-corporation Transactions

The subsequent are the most frequent transactions in between the department and H.O. which are recorded by each, employing the intra-enterprise accounts outlined higher than:

  • Transfer of property from H.O. to the department and vice versa (e.g. cash, mounted assets, merchandise inventory)
  • Recognition of branch money or reduction (following closing of earnings and expenditure accounts by the branch to its “Money Summary” account)
  • Recording of expenses incurred by the department but billed to and compensated by the H.O. (e.g. order of office environment supplies by the H.O. for the department)
  • Allocation of bills by the H.O. which are chargeable to the department (e.g. branch’s share of the cost of promotion carried out by H.O. for the organization)
  • Inter-department transactions (e.g. individual accounts of branch staff members for assortment, transfers of fixed assets, approved charges incurred by a branch staff in an additional department)

Reconciliation of Investment in Department and Dwelling Office environment Accounts

As reviewed previously mentioned, the balances of the “Property Office environment” and “Expenditure in Department” accounts ought to be equivalent or the identical. In truth, nonetheless, due to the fact of timing distinctions and recording errors, these two accounts not often harmony. There is as a result a require to periodically put together a reconciliation of these two accounts to determine the reconciling objects and record the required changes by means of correct journal entries in possibly or both equally of the textbooks of the department and H.O.

Branch Accounting and Company Advancement

New branches not only point out that there is business expansion, but can also propel additional progress. For this expansion to be sustained, the facts presented by the branch’s accounting procedure should be finish, precise and well timed so that leading administration can make the proper business selections at the proper time. Soon after all, “Lots of would say the information furnished by an entity’s accounting procedure is the most vital one supply of details for economical selection makers” (Chalmers, Keryn, et al. “Accounting in Action.” Principles of Economic Accounting. 2nd ed. Queensland: John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd., 2010. 5. Print).


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